Fausto Puglisi

The brand

Fausto Puglisi symbolizes a new generation of italian designers gaining a sudden and exceptional international acclaim while remaining deeply rooted to italian culture and heritage.

Fausto’s personal aethetic is highly identifiable, going back to his sicilian origins but also feeding on american celebrities glamour and Miami hard clubbing.


The strategy we built together helped focusing and making relevant all aspects that are signature for the brand: the mix between haute couture tradition and streetwear culture, pop culture influences either coming from music or from cinema or from the street itself, elegance and quality within the garment.

The aim was to build a more profound, multifaceted and less unidirectional brand storytelling, giving us the possibility to communicate to different targets.

Fashion and underground theatre

Spring-Summer 2017 Womenswear Collection

All southern parts of the world are the same. They instictively mix century old local traditions with a sense of freedom, of explosive anarchy.They burst creativity at all levels, signs from millenial habits overlapping with contemporary vibes donating life or death.

Sicily and Florida for Fausto Puglisi have the same degree of intensity, the same ability to create beauty or noise, to give birth to a unique, vivid and strong aesthetic.

This collection is a cry for freedom, an act of rebellion against a plaesing but narcotic aesthetic, reassuring but old.The show set up was curated by Armando Punzo, director of the Compagnia Teatrale of the Volterra jail, involving also some detained as models and building some kind of a dante’s inferno, halfway between a Miami club, a prison and a church altar. We tried to go beyond the classic fashion show contaminating it with thetre in a very raw way.

Credits Video
Director Selin
Sound Luigi Pepe
Mix Audio Philippe Gozlan @Cube Sound
Production Labà
Photo francesco Merlini

Religion, eroticism and cinema

Fall-Winter 2017/2018 Womenswear Collection

The narration of the collection went through a short movie shot on location at the Archeological Museum of Neaples where Cristina Donadio (who portrays Scianèl in the tv show Gomorra) acts as a powerful and maybe violent woman. She undergoes a pagan clothing ritual where a multi-colored entourage of carachters shapes up the visionary and free universe of Fausto Puglisi.

The eroticism of greek-roman statues or the expressive nature of the Cristo Velato statue in the Chapel of San Severo reveal the creative roots of Fausto Puglisi will to explore the sacred territory of feminine strenght, turning it up to a never heard before volume, raising women to the heights of real contemporary goddesses.

Director Sabina Bologna
Script Fausto Puglisi and Andrea Batilla
Sound Paolo Benvenuti
Editing Valentina Cicogna
Production Labà

Revolutionary romanticism

Spring-Summer 2018 Womenswear Collection

The Spring-Summer 2018 collection is revolutionary compared to everything Fausto has done in his professional carrier but it is really a return to his sicilian origins.
Clothing as a social representation, the innate elegance of this passionate land and the thousand years old manufacturing skill are the centre of the narrative.
There is nothing folkloric about it, no usual postcard Sicily but only the story of a hard edged woman, powerful and elegant, centered in her position and absolutely aware of her beauty.

Fashion and italian rap

Fall-Winter 2018/2019 Menswear Collection

To show the Fall-Winter 2018/2019 Menswear Collection we chose to speak directly to Fausto’s final customers, to his large group of followers, using the most interesting young italian rappers, representing a completely new trend in italian music, with a crew of collaborators straight out of the indie milanese scene.

We involved rappers such as Luchè, Gemitaiz, Vegas Jones and Capoplaza. The photorapher is Edoardo Pasero. All pictures were styled by Rebecca Baglini.

The emerging images are explosive, chaotic, ironic. Just like Fausto’s world.

Perharps his most personal menswear collection as of today, Fausto Puglisi’s style celebrate the brand roots and the reason of his commercial success.

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Marco Rambaldi