A new project

Niche skincare is a rapidly growing phaenomenon if yet underdeveloped. The clients have asked us for an innovative and creative project starting from scratch and targeting an international high level market.

We designed the whole brand concept including packaging, naming, photos, adv campaigns and all communication tools like catalogues, exhibitors and website.

Sensuality and high tech research

All Insìum products originate from the most advanced bio technological scientific research and are completely free from any harmful ingredient. Their effectiveness has been told through an emotional, sensorial and maximalist yet elegant approach making the whole project instictively appealing to the final client.

A beautiful thing is a joy forever.

John Keats

The new website

The website was conceived as easy to navigate and understandable. The products technical description, fundamental to the understanding of their properties, is at the very beginning of the narration. The products are shown in a visually very effective way, right after.

Vic Matié


La Rosa