La Rosa

Relaunch of the most noble mannequinns company in Italy

La Rosa is the oldest mannequinns company in Italy. It has been believing in creativity since 1922, collaborating with the most important luxury brand in the world as well as large retailers. All products are completely Made in Italy, recyclable and sustainable. We were asked to build a contemporary and innovative visiona long with a new commercial approach. We were able to operate on different levels: complete reboot of all products, communication tools, events and tradeshows.


Respecting brand identity

Respecting La Rosa brand identity was essential.

The company was built in 1922 and as of today it owns an incredible images and products archive witnessing the unstoppable creative research and a talent for innovation.

From the Eighties onward La Rosa has been collaborating with many of the most important brands in the luxury market such as Armani, Versace, Balenciaga, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Gucci. Along with tah thi firm developed a huge insight productive ability gaining collaborations with market like H&M or Zara.

All mannequinns are made in Italy with a very high quality standard and no production was ever relocated to the Far East.

People think I am a mannequinn, all appearance and no substance

Brooke Shields

The human factor

Working with a family business means to listen and respect each and single peronality first of all. The company repositioning process has been deeply discussed with the owners and pushed to penetrate to all managers and emplyees.

We needed everybody’s help so we adressed all critical issues trying to find a shared solution for each of them.

New and old mannequinns

We set out to engage on product development as our first task.We started from an in-deep analysis of the incredible company product archive and we realized how far the the evolution of the perception of human body had gone,. This pushed us to understand what are the ideal contemporary body features and how do they affect the world of visual display. We therefore created a range of new mannequinns colections, starting from the sculpture phase, choosing all shapes and so creating realisting characters.

A mannequin keeps hoping that his fate will change

Renato Zero

The narration of product

To show all new collections and archive re-editions on catalogues and website we decided each single one of them exactly as a fashion shooting working woth emerging photographers and stylists. Visual approach was very close to fashion editorials, revealing each mannequinn personality and opening a whole new path for this kind of product communication.

The new website

We have a longtime partnership with web design studio PaperPlane. For La Rosa we asked for a dynamic, easy to edit and open website allowing us to frequently change photos and texts. Someting closer to an online magazine than to a commercial website, with a strong connection to social media.


Euroshop tradeshow is the most important moment for the visual display world. It takes place every 3 years.

In 2014 to present the complete reboot of the products we designed a very simple, airy and bright set up together with Fabrizio Bertero design studio. We aimed to let the mannequinns speak for themselves in a very contemporary space.



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