Marcelo Burlon

The movie

A movie, or a documentary as in this case, can open longtime locked doors. The fashion system is suffering from a lack of sincerity, living far from reality with its glossy glamour, fictional sorytelling, artificially enhanced happiness and gloryfied overnight geniuses that usually fade away the morning after.

Although it has been narrated many times, fashion remains something misterious, revolving seemingly around eccentric personalities of omniscient designers, last minute schizofrenia, overpriced clothing. Fashion is a paradox triggering great interest or total repulsion.

We chose to show contemporary fashion through the eyes of a very interesting character, completely out of the system, sincere and transparent.

Marcelo was born in the center of Patagonia, Argentina, one of the most secluded place in the world, from an italo-lebanese family who decided, in the 90’s, to attempt a backwards immigration, going back to Italy expecting to find a new beginning but facing struggle and hardship.

As of today Marcelo Burlon at the head of a company with 100 millions Euro yearly revenue, producing 6 brands. He stands for a new generation of creative directors who has gained huge succes through social media and brilliant intuition, with few skills on how to design clothes but with the ability of addressing the right target of clients directly. But he is also the living proof of how much Italy can become a land of opportunities for the ones understanding and using the mehanics of contemporary communication.

The movie is not only the tale of the life of Marcelo Burlon but it is also about his uniqueness inside the fashion system, his ability to talk to his clients showing how social networks, if carefully used, can help facing today’s market and winning new challenges.

Writing and production

It took 1 year and a half to shoot and edit the 85 minutes movie, following Marcelo in Patagonia, Naples, Paris and the Marches, his italian hometown. We started with a very deep research phase to position Marcelo’s story into the exact historical frame and a very long time in archive footage reviewing that could shed a light on his past.

The movie was distributed in theatres and is now available on most digital platforms.


Director Mattia Colombo
Scrip writing Andrea Batilla
D.O.P Jacopo Loiodice
Music Luca Fois
Editing Claudio Bonafede
Production Labà – Silvia Ardini/Cristina Marchetti

Marco Rambaldi