Marco Rambaldi

The brand

Marco Rambaldi brand was born in 2015. In Marco’s collection two different worlds are colliding: the seventies italian bourgeousie with its obsessive repetitiveness, politically reactionary and a new, radically young asthetic, inclusive and instinctive.

Two generations facing each other and clashing against their primary beliefs of preservation and subversion. A coffe table where copies of glossy seventies fashion magazines like “Linea Italiana” or “Sguardo italiano” mix up with roughly edited punk fanzines.


Vogliamo anche le rose

Short movie for the Fall-Winter 2018/2019 collection

The short movie, previewed at White tradeshow in February 2018, was created to analyze the narrative of the collection.
The title “We want roses too” (wich is also the title for the collection) says a lot about the important cultural transition of the female situation in the seventies as opposed to what it is today. Struggles and fights have been relevant in building a new perception of women and empowering them.
Lead character is Valèrie Taccarelli, one of the first italian transexuals, LGBT activist and founder of MIT, Transgender Identity Movement in Bologna.

The movie was shot at the Barlassina Country Club, just outside Milano, the location where Michelangelo Antonioni shot a big part of one of his masterpieces, “La Notte”.

Director Mattia Colombo
Story by Andrea Batilla, Diego Diaz, Mattia Colombo
Screnwriter Andrea Batilla, Valèrie Taccarelli
D.O.P Timon De Graaf Boele
Music Luca Fois
Editing Mattia Colombo

Photo Cartacarbone

Fall-Winter 2018/2019 show

After entering the final selection for Who’s On Next 2017 contest, Marco accepted the invitation from Alta Roma to show his collection in his first solo fashion show.

The theme of the collection is the clash between italian seventies middle class and the revolutionary turmoil that is violently shaking the country. A huge split between institutional authority and young generations willing to break the rules of the system.

Sexual liberation is the narrative focus of Marco Rambaldi collection. It references Transgeder photos by Lisetta Carmi and iconic female singers like ornella Vanoni or Patty Pravo, appearing for the first time naked on the pages of Playboy.

The body itself becomes a playing field, a self fulfilling tool that is not afraid to be shown.

Fausto Puglisi


Marcelo Burlon