Vic Matié

Repositioning of a women shoes brand with a strong identity.

Vic Matiè is a women shoes brand created in 1987 by the italian manufacturer Linea Marche. A very strong identity has always distinguished the brand, leading it to a very strong commercial growth a to a huge media coverage during the 90’s and the 00’s. In a moment of very strong international competition we were asked to reposition the brand in the higher section of the market through a brand new storytelling.

Narrating a story

Vic Matiè feeds on contemporary and underground trends with a practical, feminine and hard edged identity. The visual references are dark, shimmering, creative, young, always changing. These are the themes aon wich we work to rebuild the image.

It is not true I had 3.000 pairs of shoes, I only had 1.060

Imelda Marcos

Fall Winter 2015/2016 adv campaign

The first advertising campaign had the purpose to reposition the brand in a unique and recognizable scenario.

The dark, misterious and erotic side of the brand has been lensed by Edoardo Pasero, a professional feature photographer who shot fashion for the first time.

The references were David Lynch and Nicholas Winding Refn movies and their powerful visions of out of the box womens.

Adv film

The film was shot by video art collective Karmachina, working in fashion for the first time and featured award winner actress Micaela Ramazzotti performing a dark lady singing a love song by Marie Fisker, a young underground danish singer.

Spring Summer 2016 adv campaign

For our second campaign we held on to the darkness and mistery atmosphere working on location at night on the sea shore, trying to describe a wilder feminine side, less obvious and urban.

Photos and videos are by Edoardo Pasero.

Video Wild Nights

Inspired by an Emily Dickinson poem, Wild Nights is the title of the video shot by photographer Edoardo Pasero for Spring Summer 2016 collection.

Wild Night continues the Vic Matiè new narrative with a strong, intense and fascinating aesthetic yet absolutely contemporary.

The words of the poem Wild nights! Wild nights by Emily Dickinson follow a woman seeking comfort in the nocturnal silence and in the power of sea and wind in a stormy summer night. The film was shot in the Fortino Napoleonico in Marches, close to where the Vic Matiè factory is.

The new website

The new website, created with Lab81 , has got a very strong narrative focus along with a new e-commerce area.

The user is instantly carried inside the Vic Matiè world through a very strong visual approach.