educational paths

revealing social changes and new market dynamics.

Why corporate training?

Understanding social dynamics leading to an evolution of people’s taste and cosumers habits is a fundamental tool to develop successful market strategies.

Being aware of them before they actually happen is a primary target for those who need to challenge either a big or a small client audience.

The very meaning of what is happening or is about to happen is always in front of our eyes and it unfolds in the shape of clear and understandable stories.

Focus point is the narrative and trying to explain with plain words why certain changes are happening in the market and which are the reasons for that.

Luxury and fashion market are the direct reference but the investigation of present times will also touch topics as arts, cinema, tv and music.


Teaching method

The starting point is a careful observation of reality through some of the forms of expression that are closer to us: fashion, cinema, television.
Fashion describes the potential of change in contemporary culture, the idea of a costant reshaping of taste pushed by economy, politics, sociological and psycological matters.
Understanding these dynamics means having the ability of foreseeing the future.
Cinema and television are proper narrative fields where storytelling naturally unfolds.
The world produces millions of stories everyday but only the real ones carry real meanings.

Seminars are divided into 3 hours segments that can be built into structured 1, 2 or 3 days learing paths.