My work

I deal with creative direction, brand storytelling, communication and marketing strategies through a team of young and highly innovative collaborators.


A creative direction is necessary to establish the visual identity of a company or brand and it guarantees quality and coherence of the message towards clients and market. A succesfull creative direction makes a brand immediately identifiable and enhances its value.


Photographic campaigns, films, videos, graphic design, website and digital platforms design and events are the instruments to work on.


Brand storytelling is a tool to activate consumers immagination, a realistic story that is being told to trigger emotions and a deep identification with the brand through a number of media.


A written and visual narration of the story and the way it is applied to all communication tools are the basic of storytelling.


Building a communication strategy is consistent with an initial phase of analysis, the definition of a specific storytelling and its application on all areas of communication and marketing, holding the creative direction constantly under control.


Creation of every single tool of communication along with a scheduled plan of action and a continuous check on performances.


A good market strategy, developped through a deep work on products and a clear analysis of scenarios, affects on the visibility and attractiveness of the project. Along with the communication strategy it shapes up the direction of the brand.


Distribution channels, e-commerce, advertising planning on web and social media, tradeshows and presentation events are all part of this last part of the global brand strategy.